New York Course 2011

Photos by Cameron Sizemore

Back row, left to right: Tiffany Owens, Rosella Age, Hannah Vanbiber, Meagan Clark, Lindsay Burkholder, Garrett Kling, Evelyn Cheng, Lyndsey Evans, Rebecca Dell, Lauren Henry, Bryanna Hampton, Katlyn Moncada, Kim Collins.
Front row, left to right: La Student Rebecca Dell chats with Professor Michael Smith of Campbell University. Clayton Sizemore of CNN taught videography. Students Meagan Clark and Bethany Kemming Clayton Sizemore demonstrated camera techniques. A student works on editing video. Professor Michael Smith talks with WJI Director Robert Case. Professor Michael Smith and WJI Director Michael Smith (Left to right) Student Lindsay Burkholder, professor Michael Smith, student Rosella Age, and WJI intern Leatha Jones (Left to right) Students Evelyn Cheng, Katlyn Moncada, Lauren Henry, Rosella Age, Garrett Kling Jaan Vaino, director of Gegrapha, spoke during a WJI luncheon. Student Lyndsey Evans Jaan Vaino Professor Michael Smith taught convergence reporting. Dr. Roy Atwood of New Saint Andrews College taught reporting and writing. Student Lindsay Burkholder Student Meagan Clark